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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Comple Windows Installation Guide

completed by: Kaloyan Nikov

mentors: Edward Cable

"Installing Mifos local via windows is a common way for customers to test and evaluate the Mifos software. The install process requiring several dependencies is still quite cumbersome so it requires an in-depth guide with screenshots. The Windows Installation Guide is about 75% complete so this task would involve following the steps in the current guide, and documenting it the remaining steps along with the necessary screenshots. This will all be done on our documentation wiki. In progress user manual is at: The install readme contains the full yet simple steps to install: This screencast on installing Mifos X via Windows is also a helpful resource:". You should also take the recently added java -jar *.war launcher option into account in this documentation; see for background, or ask.