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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Copy Company News (2012 and before) blog posts from old to new site on Wordpress.

completed by: Gleb

mentors: Edward Cable

"When we migrated our website over from Drupal to Wordpress, we have a number of old blog posts from our News Log that need to be copied and pasted over to our new website at The task involves copying and pasting the formatted HTML of each blog post from an archive of the old site along with images and manually pasting these as new blog posts (with same date info) on For each post, you will also set up a URL redirect so any links to the old posts will redirect to the new ones. Please see these full instructions for a list of posts. This task will be to migrate blog posts from the category of Company News (2012 and before). For a list of posts to migrate, see: "