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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Google Search for Co-Op Associations-Oceania

completed by: SanjayR

mentors: Dayna Harp

Using Google, search for “financial cooperatives in [ENTER COUNTRY NAME]” OR “credit union societies in [ENTER COUNTRY NAME]”

The goal is to copy and paste a link to:

  • The country’s co-operative society
  • The country’s co-operative regulation

Do your best. Not every country listed will have an online presence. Countries use different names for credit union, co-operative or SACCO. They all function in the same manner, they just go by different names.

Use the following countries and create a document that includes the country name, a link to the cooperative society and a link to the country’s co-operative, SACCO or credit union regulation.






Solomon Islands

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea