GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Sahana Software Foundation

Write/Update User Guidelines For A Module

completed by: Vipul Sharma

mentors: Arnav Kumar Agrawal, Somay Jain

Write generic User Guidelines wiki page for a Sahana Eden module. The page should be located at UserGuidelines/<Module>/<Workflow>. The documentation should adhere to the following outline:
start of outline
== <Title of the Module> User Guidelines ==
=== Introduction ===
<Description of the module. Where possible include some sort of flow chart or diagram. This should be designed using Google Draw and embedded in the wiki page. Include the link to the Google Draw file so that others can edit it >
=== Data Model ===
<a list of the tables that the user can access in the module>

=== Reports ===
The reports that the user can generate and a brief explanation about them

=== Workflows ===
<links to workflows for that module (you do not need to complete the documentation for all of these workflows)>