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Google Code-in 2014 Sahana Software Foundation

Conduct a usability test

completed by: dpmittal

mentors: Vishrut Mehta, Michael Howden

1. Find a person to do be your test subject for the Usability Test. Anyone will do!
Identify a workflow for the usability test on either you own local instance or a demo site of Sahana,
if you using your own local instance - consider testing the following Templates:
IFRC (in models/ change prepopulate to settings.base.prepopulate = ("IFRC", "IFRC_Train")
The following demo sites are available: (Template = default) (Template = CRMT) (Template = DRMP) (Template = DRRPP)
These workflows will apply to the default template and some of the others. You are welcome to test a different workflow - it should be something that takes you ~5min (the test subject will take longer!). Make sure that you document the workflow in the test report and add it here:
Add a Volunteer
| Test Report 1
Add an Office
Report 1
Send an Item from a Warehouse
| Test Report 1
Add an Asset and assign it to a Volunteer
| Test Report 1
View Staff on the Map
Write up a report on the Usability Test on the wiki (either as a page or as a attached Document).
What the test subject found easy
What the test subject found hard
What the test subject liked
What the test subject dis-liked
What would you improve in Sahana Eden (even better if you can make these improvements!)
After you the usability document is approved, upload to google docs or dropbox, then add a hyperlink next to the respective task called "(report)" pointing to that document.
For more instructions of how to conduct a usability test from the book "Don't Make Me Think" go to: