GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Sahana Software Foundation

Report 2 Functional Bugs

completed by: Samsruti Dash

mentors: Daniel Klischies, Arnav Kumar Agrawal

Help us make Sahana work better by finding any of the following bugs:
- "Internal Error" Pages
- Internal Server Error (50x errors)
- Broken links (404 errors)
- JavaScript errors

When you claim this task, please state which deployment you will review (See for a ist of Sahana deployments you can review, their template names and links to user manuals and instructional videos)

You can review the deployment's Demo Site (if available) or on your local instance of Sahana Eden using the deployment's template.

Search Sahana Sunflower to ensure that each bug has not already been reported. If it is new and not a duplicate, add a new task to Sahana Sunflower to report EACH Bug, including:
- Which Deployment the bug is in
- The URL the bug is on
- How you reached that URL (Menu / buttons clicked)
- The browser type and version you are using
- The Type of Bug
- FOR INTERNAL ERRORS: Click on the ìTicket issued:î and copy the ìTracebackî

Once this bug is verified, it will be available as an additional task to complete for Google Code In.

If you are not actually able to perform an action due to an error in the system. There may be uncertainty around this as it may not be 100% clear if Sahana Eden is meant to support this action.

NOTE FOR MENTORS: Please review the bug report, reproduce the bug, verify that it is not a duplicate of an existing bug, set its status to "Verified" and add any additional information to ensure that the bug is actionable.