GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Sahana Software Foundation

Suggest a usability enhancement

completed by: Vipul Sharma

mentors: Ramindu Deshapriya, Arnav Kumar Agrawal

1. Review your own local instance or a demo site of Sahana.
if you using your own local instance - consider testing the following Templates:
IFRC (in /models/ change prepopulate to settings.base.prepopulate = ["IFRC_Train"]
The following demo sites are available: (Template = default) (Template = CRMT) (Template = DRMP) (Template = DRRPP)
Identify improvements which could improve the Usability
Check that the improvement has not already been reported by searching the tickets.
Please post each improvement in a separate new ticket.
Type: enhancement
Keyword: usability + template / demo site you are reviewing
Include as many details as possible. If you can design a mockup to attach - even better!
If you are completing this for Google Code In you must suggest 4 enhancements for one task. You may be able to find Usability Enhancement in the Usability Test Reports - just make sure that they haven't been reported already.