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Google Code-in 2014 Sugar Labs

Push and Pop

completed by: Ignacio Rodríguez

mentors: Sugar Labs

* walterbender also thinks we need to add the blocks for getting/saving data
<ignacio> get/save of what?
<walterbender> ignacio, for example, to use the turtle to record data from the accelerometer
<walterbender> write your own fitbit aoo
<walterbender> app
<walterbender> the Python version has this
<ignacio> I think you can save data to boxes?
<walterbender> ignacio, we need a stack (with push and pop) like in the Python version
<walterbender> and then a way to open a file to save to the stack and a way to export the data
<ignacio> walterbender, in "human" lang: a dictionary/dict converted block?
<walterbender> ignacio, a stack is a special kind of list
<walterbender> with an order for pushing on and popping off
<walterbender> first on first off, first on last off,

Add push, pop, show stack, empty stack, save stack, load stack