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Research WikiApiary Sites Listed as Defunct (10)

completed by: PranavK

mentors: hexmode, Alexis T. Hershberger, Mark A. Hershberger

WikiApiary lists 3,000 MediaWiki sites as defunct. For instance, Wikkii wikis are down because the host closed. 

Your task is to look up the following 20 wikis from the list and find out what happened.

For each wiki:

  1. open its WikiApiary page, for instance ;
  2. open the URL of the wiki;
  3. if the wiki works correctly, edit the page on WikiApiary to mark it as "Defunct: No";
  4. if the wiki is down, search information about the domain on and search engines to discover why;
  5. note down what happened on
  6. Please create an account on and use that account for any modifications on the wiki page.  Once that is done, let us know what your username is.

You can ask questions on the talk page of the list

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first, as well as to register on WikiApiary.