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Google Code-in 2014 Wikimedia Foundation

Beginner: get on Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

completed by: Jackson

mentors: Nemo_bis

GCI mentoring, like most free/libre software collaboration efforts, relies heavily on IRC for success. You don't understand why? Come see yourself!

If you have not chatted in Wikimedia IRC channels yet, you can claim this task. You will:

  • install an IRC client you like (except those listed as "web" or proprietary);
  • connect to freenode and register your nickname, then join #wikimedia-dev and/or #mediawiki (instructions);
  • introduce yourself on the channel (one sentence is enough);
  • do anything else now, but wait at least one hour before leaving.

Don't upload screenshots, but mention the nick you used if different from the one you have here. If you're forced to attach something, please add a link to the website of the client you chose.