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Huggle: Replace hardcoded English UI strings with localizable keys

completed by: Albert221

mentors: Petr Bena

Huggle is a fast diff browser application intended for dealing with vandalism on Wikimedia projects, written in C++ (C++11 with Qt framework). More information: and

Source code is available at and can be compiled on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Huggle has some GUI strings which are in English language only and cannot be localized (translated). These strings need to replaced with a key, that would refer to a localizable string in XML file. See for an example for such a fix.

Please note that some strings are not meant to be localized, especially all text intended for developers, like debug logs and some error messages that are to be analyzed by development team. If you want to test huggle, you can type "Developer Mode" as your username which bypasses the login or register on

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first.