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Google Code-in 2014 Wikimedia Foundation

Provide a high level overview of projects in Wikimedia Phabricator

completed by: toolboxx8

mentors: Quim Gil, Andre Klapper

Wikimedia recently migrated from using Bugzilla for issue report tracking to the Maniphest tool that is included in Phabricator: . This move also changed the taxonomy/classification structure of projects/products tracked in the issue tracker: Bugzilla had a primary, hierarchical structure via products and subcomponents of products (which more or less referred to codebases of software projects), another classification via so-called keywords which were across products (e.g. problems with "accessibility"), and another classification for planning called "Target Milestones" (e.g. "this bug should be fixed for future version 1.25"). In Phabricator, all this is done via projects instead in a flat namespace - no hierarchy anymore. You will have to read and understanding the corresponding task at and , research and understand the structure that we had in Bugzilla (see  and  for hints how to find out) and the one in Phabricator at  to come up with a proposal to review on a wikipage.

Your proposal should help a newcomer to Phabricator to understand how we use Phabricator for managing projects. And as you will have a fresh view and try to find out things you will also help us to improve our documentation is something is unclear. :)

Note that this task will likely require several iterations of your proposal and lots of communication with the mentor.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first.