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TemplateData: Add TemplateData to {{Infobox file format}}

completed by: m4tx

mentors: Andre Klapper, Mvolz

A Template is a piece of on-wiki code that present information in a more complex way than plain wikitext can. TemplateData (TD) is a structured way of describing the parameters (variables) of a Template so those parameters are exposed to other applications. TemplateData is a block of JSON in between <templatedata></templatedata> tags, which can be found either in the source of the template itself, or in the documentation page (typically at Template:MyTemplateHere/doc). TD describes the name of the variable, its type, and also a description. TD can be edited manually, however, there is also a GUI that can be used to edit it (the edit TemplateData button will appear if you edit the source of a Template or a Template doc page) and can sometimes populate the names of the template parameters.

For more information, see:

The template does not have any TemplateData. Add TemplateData for it.


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