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Google Code-in 2014 Wikimedia Foundation

Huggle: Document header files where needed

completed by: Evan McIntire

mentors: Petr Bena

Huggle is using a doxygen documentation that can be found at


This documentation is generated from header files that are using doxygen format, however lot of them are missing the documentation and that makes it harder for developers to understand how they work. It is needed to find headers where documentation is missing for classes, public variables or functions. These headers then need to be updated in same fashion as for example

The doxygen example format:

         * \brief RevertEdit Reverts the edit
         * \param _e Pointer to edit that needs to be reverted
         * \param summary Summary to use if this is empty the default revert summary is used
         * \param minor If revert should be considered as minor edit
         * \param rollback If rollback feature should be used
         * \return Pointer to api query that executes this revert
        HUGGLE_EX Collectable_SmartPtr<RevertQuery> RevertEdit(WikiEdit* _e, QString summary = "", bool minor = false, bool rollback = true);

In order to complete this task, at least 2 header files needs to be completely (all public functions and variables) commented, or 5 header files needs to have some comments improved. Only public functions, variables and classes need comments.

NOTE: You don't need to fully undestand the code in order to do this task, if you are not sure what some variable or function is for, you are welcome to ask either here, or using huggle mailing list or our irc channel #huggle on freenode.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first.