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Create a Wikimedia Phabricator How-To screencast (21): Creating mockups.

completed by: Robin Verhoef

mentors: Quim Gil, Andre Klapper is a new collaboration platform used by the Wikimedia Community. (Instructions are to be completed, we are focusing on the basics currently). Phabricator also allows creating mockups (and updating them) via its "Pholio" application. We have , however, wouldn't it be great to just show how to do something, instead of describing it step by step with text only?

Each screencast (see ) video will focus on a single task and aim to have less than 1 minute duration. For the specific single task to cover in your screencast, please see the summary of this GCI task.

This page will save you time:

No need to agree any script in advance, just look at the written instructions, play around yourself, and record the screencast (preferably in a quiet place so your voice can be heard clearly when you are describing what you are doing in the video). The worst thing that might happen is that we give you feedback and you have to repeat the less-than-a-minute video again.

You will have to upload the screencast to Wikimedia Commons in a free video format - see for more information.

You might need to play a bit with Phabricator first to understand it before you create that screencast - please see the existing written documentation (we also have a test instance of Phabricator, for example).

This page will save you time:

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first.