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Wiki Release Team: Compile a List of MediaWiki Third Party Customers (2)

completed by: PranavK

mentors: hexmode, Alexis T. Hershberger, Mark A. Hershberger

Help the Wiki Release Team compile a list of active MediaWiki third party customers   Use creative search methods and parameters to search publicly available sources for MediaWiki sites not currently listed on WikiApiary

See how many new sites you can find within five days!  You are expected to check newly discovered sites against WikiApiary's database and the list of sites classified as "defunct" by WikiApiary for existence using the following steps.

  1. Before doing anything else, create a bookmarklet.
    • Go to (Make sure your bookmark bar is visible, and if it isn't, enable it.)
    • In the selection titled Bookmarklet, select all of the text highlighted in the yellow box under "This bookmarklet can be used to easily add websites to WikiApiary."
    • Click and drag the highlighted text to the bookmark bar.
    • Rename the bookmark to "Add a wiki to Wikiapiary".
  2. When you think you have found a new site, you can use the new bookmarklet to query WikiApiary.  With your browser pointing to the new site:
    • Click on the "Add wiki to WikiApiary" bookmark you created.
    • Check to see if there are any links below the "Run Query" button that says that there is already a wiki with the same URL, API URL, or name.
  3. If the search results come back as "There were no results matching the query", then check against the following Google spreadsheet of defunct wikis: If the site cannot be located in WikiApiary, add the site's information to the following:
  4. If the search results come back with page matches, then that indicates that the site is currently known.  Do not record the site.

You can ask questions on the talk page of the list:

Related bug report:

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first, as well as to register on WikiApiary.