GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2009 DSpace Foundation

Report Generation Tool for DSpace

by ashlymarkose for DSpace Foundation

“Report Generation” in general brings added value to any Information Management System with no exception to Institutional Repositories. Taken from an academic perspective, one of the main advantages is to generate reports based on individual authors and contribution period (e.g. Jayan, 15Feb2007-25Apr2007). In-addition, if publications (Journal e.g. JASIST (Wiley), IPM (Elsevier) or Conference e.g. JCDL, ECDL) can be segregated based on ranking it would add much value from management perspective. A summarized report in this form from various academic disciplines in Institutes of higher learning would definitely drive strong interest from the stakeholders of Institutional Repositories. Our plan is to achieve this report generation based on data extracted from the Dspace IR and present this grouped by various custom filter options such as author, contribution period, publication ranking, and summarized report for each academic discipline etc. The motivation to this proposal is based on feedback received from the academic community during a presentation that was meant for encouraging contribution into repositories. Based on our initial thoughts we plan to use "DataVision", an open source report writer tool for report generation and subsequent integration of the same as an add-on to DSpace. We believe that such a feature would definitely drive academic contribution to repositories keeping in mind its long-term benefits.