GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2009 KDE

Improving Search and Virtual Folders in KDE4

by Adam Kidder for KDE

The project has two primary goals: Provide a user-friendly search in Dolphin and in the KDE find dialog, by expanding the nepomuksearch:/ protocol and developing an adequate user interface; and use the improved nepomuksearch:/ protocol to provide other semantic desktop features in Dolphin, including saving virtual folders. This will be accomplished by three major components: modifying the nepomuksearch:/ kio_slave and associated KDE-nepomuk code to provide a richer search backend; implementing a search widget to construct nepomuksearch:/ URIs that can be embedded in the KDE file dialog, Dolphin, and other applications; and provide other mechanisms to enhance search and semantic desktop features in KDE, such as an interface to save virtual folders.