GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2009 KDE

Smoke Generator based on Roberto Raggi's C++ parsers

by Arno Rehn for KDE

Rewrite the code generator for 'Smoke', the libraries on which many of the KDE bindings are based, using one of Roberto Raggi's C++ parsers (used at Qt Software and in KDevelop). The current code parsing and generation system is based on Perl and requires many tweaks and hacks to produce compilable code and has to be adjusted with every new Qt/KDE release. The new generator shouldn't need that anymore. The goal would be to get the Qt classes to generate and to compile. If it all goes well the KDE classes could be included, too. In the end people should be able to auto-generate bindings for their own C++ classes, just like they can run 'moc' on their Qt/KDE project.