GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2009 Mono Project

Improving, testing and integrating ParallelFx into Mono

by Jérémie Laval for Mono Project

The goal of this proposal is to continue the work started last summer on Mono's ParallelFx component in 3 ways : 1- Improving and keeping up to date the code to new Microsoft's ParallelFx version. 2- Completing the unit test coverage and specifically testing ParallelFx correctness. 3- Integrating the software in Mono Subversion which means making it comply to Mono guidelines and also maintaining it. Furthermore, the development of a parallel checker (much in the spirit of Chess : is planned to validate the above second point. This parallel checker will ensure that ParallelFx (or other parallel code) is correct and that no Heisenbugs are hidden inside it.