GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2009 Tux4Kids

Audio Refactoring and Comment Support for Tux Paint

by Francisco Tufró for Tux4Kids

In this moment Tux Paint is using the SDL_mixer lib to handle sound output. The lack of audio input in SDL prevents Tux Paint adding cool features like recorded audio comments and, in a future networked version of TP, voice chat. The idea is to port Tux Paint audio to Portaudio and libsndfile, two of the most important libraries used to handle sound and sound files. The first one is a portable audio library, which abstracts the platform specific tasks and gives a full I/O audio platform to work with. The second one is I/O library to handle wave files, it supports many different wave formats and frame rates. After porting to these useful tools we can easily add a voice comment facility. Another features like loading custom sounds to use as comments (instead of recording them) could emerge thinking on the possibility of having another sound file libraries like ogg / mp3, etc.