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WordPress is the most popular open source blogging software. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL. Development is very pragmatic, ensuring it can be run by anyone on any host.


  • A WYSIWYG Theme Editor/Generator for WordPress I am proposing a WYSIWYG theme editor for WordPress. By the end of the GSoC, the theme editor would be capable of altering theme structure, assigning content location and import/export, and would be easily extendable. Overarching Goals: —Provide a GUI through which anyone (regardless of skill level) can edit Wordpress themes —Allow users to create any layout they choose —Allow content and widgets to be assigned positions and managed visually —Provide automatic cross-browser compatibility
  • Adding Photo Grouping by Album Functionality to Wordpress Wordpress does not support a mass upload of photos, or the manipulation of a group of photos. The "Photo Grouping by Album" function will offer three functions. One, users can maintain a list of albums. Each album has a one-to-many relationship with photos in the Media Library. Two, users can upload .zip files and Wordpress will extract and put them into one album. Finally, albums can be added to anywhere in a post using a button, or a markup, and each album also has its individual display page.
  • Extended WordPress Search Engine Currently the search engine included in WordPress is very limited as to what types or categories of data it can locate and how a blog user can employ the system to locate them (search mode). For example, you cannot search blog posts with a simple strategy such as "find A string in category C". It also doesn't support advanced boolean search query formats (grouping, OR, NOT, AND). For these reasons, the WordPress search system needs an overhaul and enhancement...
  • Implement and profiling the MPTT technique for store hierarchical data in blogs with a lot categories and pages This proposal is about coding and testing of an idea from a WordPress developer. The idea is to implement MPTT (Modified Preorder Tree Traversal) technique, that consists in storing hierarchical data (trees) in relational databases, for get better performance in blogs with a lot pages and categories.
  • Modified Preorder Tree Traversal I aim to implement modified preorder tree traversal for quicker sorting and display of hierarchical data in WordPress. Specifically this would help scale WordPress for sites with large numbers of deeply nested pages, categories, and comments.
  • Theme Framework for Wordpress Theme Framework for Wordpress will users to create their own themes from the a very friendly UI this project will offer, instead of using a free theme or buying a new theme. Project will have a scratchpad, enabling users to drag-drop elements to it. A CSS Framework will be used to ease the development of themes. HTML and the files will be generated automatically.