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XMMS2 is the spiritual successor to the very successful XMMS project. The creators of XMMS got together in 2002 and spun out the XMMS2 sister project, the idea was from the beginning to correct some of the early mistakes in XMMS design. The project grew and now is a very different type of application compared to XMMS. The team behind XMMS2 focuses on audio quality, freedom of choice and powerful organization possibilities. Community-wise the team is around 15-20 regular contributors and over 70 people have at some time contributed to XMMS2.


  • Implementation of a new medialib backend XMMS2 is a music player with a media library to keep track of your songs. Currently SQlite is used to store the media info, but this has some drawbacks, most notably in speed. If a specialized backend was used instead of SQlite you could exploit the fact that entries into the medialib share alot of similarities. That way you would get a faster media library and a reduced footprint.
  • The official awesome client This is the legendary official client, it's finally time to get it rolling.