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XMPP Standards Foundation

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The XMPP Standards Foundation (formerly the Jabber Software Foundation) is an independent, nonprofit standards development organization whose primary mission is to define open protocols for presence, instant messaging, and real-time communication and collaboration on top of the IETF's Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). The XSF also provides information and infrastructure to the worldwide community of Jabber/XMPP developers, service providers, and end users.




For Google's Summer of Code, the XSF is an umbrella organisation covering almost any XMPP related projects - this includes clients such as Psi, Gajim (and many others), servers such as Prosody and Openfire, social projects like microblogging (as long as it's built on XMPP!). We've got an ideas page, but we'd love to discuss other ideas you have - if it involves communication (be it person to person, person to machine, or machine to machine), data with history (thing blog posts / microblogging / social status updates), anything to do with a list of friends or contacts, it's worth chatting to us.




Above all, talk to us if you're interested, or think you might be interested.






  • Chat Reliability Improvements and MUC User Interface Overhaul This project is about improving the reliability of the XMPP stream between Psi and XMPP servers and user interface improvements. Implementing XEP-0198 and XEP-0184 will hopefully improve reliability and redesigning the MUC user interfaces will highly improve overall user experience and make it easier for users who are new to instant messaging to chat with other people.
  • Implementing Jingle file transfert in MCabber My idea is to implement file transfert via Jingle in the console jabber client "MCabber". This client, despite being one of the most popular console jabber client still lacks file transfert support.
  • Jingle File Transfer and XTLS support for gajim Jingle is an advanced protocol for negotiating and managing media sessions between two entities. File transfer over jingle is currently not supported in gajim. I propose to implement jingle file transfer for gajim and add support to XTLS for data encryption. This will both benefit users of gajim and serve as another implementation of jingle file transfer and thus help the XSF community to better shape related protocols.
  • Server Side Message Archiving For Prosody Currently many XMPP clients save the messages locally and it's not convenient or even possible to retrieve the historical messages, especially when one switches the clients a lot. So it will be much more easier if the XMPP server supports server-side message archiving. In this case, the clients can retrieve archived messages anytime and anywhere. XMPP Extension Proposal XEP-0136 is defined for this purpose. This project will implement XEP-0136 for Prosody.