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We produce Gentoo Linux, a special flavor of Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. Extreme performance, configurability and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience. To learn more, please read our about page.


  • Apache Maven Integration for Gentoo EBuilds This project enables the ability to natively use Apache Maven in Java packages in the main tree. With this, packagers who use Apache Maven as the project management tool gain the ability to write Ebuilds easily and it will provide the complete support for the existing maven-to-ant feature.
  • Auto dependency builder Gentoo has ~15 000 packages only in official tree. Almost each package has a dependencies. Presently, developers of packages specifies them manually. I intend to build a tool for generating a list of dependences automatically and checking a fullness of existing lists. This tool will be useful for developers of packages and will enable them to make user's experience better.
  • Automated benchmark suite for numerical libraries in Gentoo The project concerns the construction of a complete automated benchmark suite for implementations of standard linear algebra libraries such as BLAS or LAPACK, which will allow the user to choose the best implementation for his machine. Compilers, compiler versions and flags are taken into account for this.
  • Client-server model for reporting and querying package statistics The goal of this project is to implement a client-server architecture for reporting and querying package statistics of Gentoo based machines. The client program will be used to collect package statistics from Gentoo installations and submit them to a central server. The server will calculate useful statistics based on the global dataset, that developers as well as end users have access to, via an intuitive web interface. I'm looking forward to code the project in Python.
  • Distfile patching support Improve the performance of the Gentoo Linux mirrors by reducing the overall bandwidth load, allowing people to fetch binary patches from the mirrors, instead of the full source tarballs, when updating some package. This proposal is partially based on GLEP 25, by Brian Harring.
  • Django CMS replacement for the website I propose to implement a replacement for the web pages, that include the documentation, project, news and other informational pages, via a Django CMS. Additional Django/Python plugins will be used, e.g. for LDAP integration. The Beacon editor, a former GSOC project, will also be adapted to the project as a WYSIWYG editor for the Gentoo-specific XML schemas. Various features that will improve the documentation handling are going to be implemented.
  • Ebuild generator A ebuild generator written in python. It will look at file structure and file contents to generate ebuilds.
  • Gentoaster - freshly cooked Gentoo VM images, on demand Gentoaster is a tool I’d like to write that allows users to create Gentoo virtual machines on demand via a web-based interface. This idea was inspired by the VM builder idea suggested on the Gentoo wiki.
  • Gentoo/Java IDE Integration The goal of the project is to develop an eclipse’s plug-in lists system installed java libraries for users to select and import into projects. This avoids user manually browses and locates libraries, increasing developing efficiency. Improved version of Java-config will be used as the data retrieval backend. Jython is used to integrate.This project mainly benefits developers using eclipse, and due to planned work on improving java-config, it will also benefit other non-developer Gentoo users.
  • Glentoo The "Glentoo" project aims to build on the work of the Glendix and Plan 9 From Userspace projects by cohesively tying a Gentoo base system to a Plan 9 inspired userspace.
  • Help Gentoo Council by providing web based applications I would like to make a set of tools that will help Gentoo Council to work more effectively. I will prepare a website for Council will do work that is now done manually and an IRC bot that will allow to use meeting log on website. The Councils website will also allow more input from developers community.
  • libbash runtime Libbash will enable programs to use Abstract Syntax Trees to parse bash commands directly instead of using regular expressions. This will be a great benefit to programs both outside and inside Gentoo, including Portage and repoman.
  • PMS compliance test suite The project aims to create and maintain a comprehensive test suite for Package Managers to check their compliance with the Package Manager Standard. These tests could be used by Package Managers as regression tests as well.
  • Provide Gentoo 11 LiveDVDs with Anaconda installer Sabayon has a fork of Anaconda suited for installing a Gentoo-based distro. We should take it and make it install a real Gentoo.