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Google Summer of Code 2011


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We're developing phpMyAdmin, a MySQL web interface. It supports most MySQL features, is widely used by database administrators and well supported by hosting providers.

For more information how to proceed to participate in Google Summer of Code 2011 please see our applicant guide.


  • AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface With this proposal I’m proposing to improve the usability of some identified important features in phpMyAdmin by applying ajax behavior using jquery library. After improving those features, they will be able to provide a quick and consistent flow of operations to the PMA users.
  • Browse-mode Improvements ++ This project is intended to improve the convenience of users when using phpMyAdmin, particularly when browsing tables. This can be achieved by adding some features to phpMyAdmin.
  • Drizzle support Implementing support for Drizzle in phpMyAdmin, which will allow users to utilize this tool with new, hopefully successful database management system.
  • OpenGIS support for phpMyAdmin OpenGIS data types are supported in MySQL since version 4.1. It’s high time that phpMyAdmin add support for these data types. Support needs to be added in number of areas, data browsing, data insertion, data editing, searching based on relevant criteria, data exporting being few of them. In the proposed GSoC project I present my suggestions, plans and proposed schedule on adding the necessary functionality to phpMyAdmin for it to effectively support OpenGIS data types.
  • Query statistics & charts for the status page The project aims to enhance the status page of PMA by the following features: Live status variables and history keeping, Query statistics & charts: Extraction of useful data from the slow query log to help identify slow or suboptimal queries and restructuring of the page to add more interactivity to it.
  • Support for Procedures: Creating a user friendly interface for the manipulation of routines, triggers and events in phpMyAdmin. The goal of this project is make advanced features provided by MySQL easier to use in phpMyAdmin.
  • Zoom-search This project aims to provide a tool for visualizing data in a relational table as a scatter plot along any two of its columns. For example, each movie in a movies table can be represented in a scatter plot with popularity and release year acting as the X and Y axis. A user can also drill down(zoom) to have a closer look at certain portions of the plot and get any details about the data on demand. It will provide a powerful means to interpret, explore and communicate data/information.