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Umit Project

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Umit is an Open Source Organization created in 2007 that focus on developing tools for network monitoring, and had as first project the Umit Network Scanner, a GSoC project cerated in 2005 by Adriano marques. Umit Project is now a grown up organization with much more contributors and several softwares for network monitoring, packet manipulation, network sniffing, bluetooth scanning, bluetooth sniffing, os detection and network mapping. We already featured several magazines, received the hot pick award from the Linux Format Magazine and have the Network Scanner been distributed by main linux distributions.






  • Internet Connectivity Monitor The Internet Connectivity Monitor is a cloud system offering the inspection of the entire global Internet, across different continents, countries and regions. We have to gather data from peers spread all over the world. A hybrid P2P network will be used to ensure the connectivity.
  • Internet Connectivity Monitor Aggregator The idea of Internet Connectivity Monitor Aggregator is to construct a website that displays the information gathered by different agents placed all over the world. In this website is possible to see all the events reported by the agents, like a failure accessing some website or service, and a world map showing the connectivity between routers. These events will be reported automatically in RSS feed, published into facebook and twitter, and emailed to users that subscribed that alerts.
  • Network Administrator to the Cloud Land In this project I would like to use all my web programming skills to create great network monitoring tool, based on all goodness that today's Web gives us. Solution like that can bring us closer to giving people system available for almost everyone and still very powerful.
  • Network Inventory: New Generation The scope of the project is to collect real-time data from the network and show them in the Network Inventory. The objectives I set for this are: 1. Data should be collected even when a Umit process isn't running. The Umit process should be informed at start-up about all the data collected. 2. The project should be extensible. If a new way of collecting data must be added, the core shouldn't be changed, but instead it should be implemented as a module. 3. The collected data should be secured.
  • Network Scanner and Network Inventory for Mobile devices Goal: To develop a mobile app that does host and port discovery with events about host availability and integration with the notification environment.
  • Network Scanner developer In this we have to develop/improve to develop already running Network scanner (UMIT) - to support Ipv6 : Nmap already support Ipv6 so we to integrate it in gui form by checking address if it is Ipv6 - improving scan detail for better view : To make better readable for user -improving RadialNet to see large topology: Able to display large topology clearly with information required to display -New profile add option for zion profile : Have to add profile option for zion profile
  • The Coolest Summer Project of Your Life - The Mobile P2P Agent The aim of the umbrella project is to implement a global, real-time network connectivity (websites and services) monitor using a P2P network distributed across the globe. The Mobile P2P agent will be responsible for reporting connectivity issues to the cloud aggregator on the go and on the fly. These Mobile P2P agents will become end-nodes of the P2P network and will act as both servers of data to the cloud aggregator and receivers of notifications for any subscribed events.