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Google Summer of Code 2012 Catroid Project

Project: Music Composer for Catroid

by afruehwirt for Catroid Project

User Interface for the “Music Composer”: The user has the option, similar to the Scratch program to build on its various components individual music together. There should exist a various sort of blocks for melody input (to sing on, input via virtual keyboard), rhythm blocks, … The music input should extend over a maximum of 8 bars, which then can be looped without problems. Via an editing tool notes should be easily moved around and adjusted. The system maybe offers two modes, the amateur and the expert mode. The first one offers already given music pattern, which can be set easily under the existing construct. The other one offers more cus tomization options. One Crazy idea: the user puts his device in front of him on the table and knocks his rhythmic Idea on the desk board. The device records it via different sensors (microphone).