GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 Interface Ecology Lab @ Texas A&M University

Django Information Composition Social Network

by Jainit Purohit for Interface Ecology Lab @ Texas A&M University

This proposal is to develop an information composition social network. An information composition is a spatially arranged set of rich bookmarks that visualizes concepts and ideas. InfoComposer is made to support the creative process of collecting, arranging, reflecting, and generating new ideas. Currently user can create information composition using InfoComposer’s drag and drop interface. User can save created Information composition in icom file, which is a zip compressed file that includes all information about the composition. Letting users save and collaborate with compositions will help people share ideas and communicate in a flexible, visually appealing medium. Goal of this project is to create a social network in which user can upload, download, browse, share and publish information composition. This site will also serve applications with an API for retrieval and storage of information compositions.