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Google Summer of Code 2012 Mozilla

Examples for HTML and CSS on MDN

by vikash for Mozilla

I propose to add detailed examples and improve the currently available examples given on MDN for HTML and CSS. The examples will also contain downloadable attachments thus ensuring the users to test and learn from them with greater ease. I also intend to add many extra pages whereever neccessary,(for example an Introductory page). Also I do plan to make a testing page where the code can be copied and pasted to get the results on the fly. Testing page may be divided into frames on columns, one for code one for the output. As a part of GSoC, this will require, research of the MDN base and will involve extensive HTML5 and CSS3 coding, which again includes the coding with/for HTML5 and CSS3. Research on HTML and CSS will not be done or profound websites rather w3c docs will be regerred on the same