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The AbiSource community consists of a highly skilled group of people interested in, as our tagline states, bringing Word Processing to Everyone. We do this for example by making our software, AbiWord being our flagship product, available on as many (operating) systems as possible, and adapting it for use on the One Laptop Per Child system.


  • Math improvements to Abiword This project will significantly improve Abiword's math plugin. The project will replace the mathml rendering library Gmathview with lasem, to display equations. Further enhancements include improving the mathml to itex conversion, and building a better math editor.
  • OpenMedSpel plugin for AbiWord I would like to implement the spell checking for multiple languages for an AbiWord document and also the spell checking against the medical terms included in the OpenMedSpel dictionary.
  • Table Improvements In this proposal, I hope to implement repeating table header, a feature that allows Abiword's Table to repeat a selected row as header on top of each page that the table is broken over. Some of Table features have been implemented on branches "gsoc2010tableimprov", I should merge them firstly. some major works: 1. the backend work about Table header 2. Frontend work to display the table header on the top of every page 3. fix the table dialog (or Menu) to enable the user to use the feature 4. Merge branches "gsoc2010tableimprov" for some table features 5. More testing means more guarantee. I have built Abiword on both Windows and Linux. I also have fixed bug I also make some contribution about Chinese Translation.