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Code for America

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Code for America helps governments work better for everyone with the people and the power of the web. Through our Fellowship,Accelerator, and Brigade, we're building a network of cities, citizens, community groups, and startups, all equally committed to reimagining government for the 21st century.


  • Automated Data Matching - Building Web Interface for Data Matching Client As described on the Project Idea’s Page “Governments have a lot of data that has been keep in different “silos”, part of the power of these dataset goes beyond using 1 dataset alone, but mashing them up.” Since these open datasets cater specific needs such as dataset of all the registered Businesses in San Francisco and dataset of all the Restaurants in San Francisco, there is a need to mash up those datasets to get more analytical insights, better visualisation and draw the broken links. The main goal of this project is to create a Data Matching Client built on top of “Dedupe”
  • JReport: A java wrapper of the Open311 API I want to implement a Java library which would wrap all the API calls and allow users to develop applications without worrying about network calls, JSON/XML parsing, etc. This library has to take care of implementation differences between different Open311 endpoints. I will document the whole library, upload it to a Maven repository and try to achieve a 95/100% test coverage. If I have time I will develop a simple application and tutorial to show how it should be used in web, desktop and mobile.
  • Make Data Matching Easy Please see my github issue for more info! My proposal is simple, there are thousands of smaller sized organizations which would benefit tremendously from your technologies if they were made dead simple and accesible.
  • Open311 Visualization Tools and 311 API Tools Create a set of visualization tools for the Open311 API spec. Allow civic hackers to more easily create big data visualizations by providing a set library to build upon.