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Crystal Space

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Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D Engine Framework. It is a strong and active project with many side projects (like Crystal Entity Layer and AresEd game editor). Crystal Space is very powerful, extensible and flexible. It uses OpenGL for rendering and supports advanced features like CG shaders, skeletal animation with ragdoll, support for physics using bullet or ODE, 3D sound using OpenAL, terrain engine, particle systems, and a lot more. Crystal Space is written in C++ but has high quality bindings for Python even allowing the creation of full 3D applications in this language.



  • Advanced Post-Processing Techniques The proposal consists in improve the current post-processing engine, decouple the SSDO effect from the Deferred Render Manager, and implement three effects: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field and Motion Blur, each one with a demo application and documentation. The main objective is to make these effects easy to use and integrate in CrystalSpace projects and its main demos.
  • Improving hardware culling support improve occluvis performance by using a faster acceleration structure to reduce CPU overhead and switching from CHC to CHC++ for improved scheduling and reduce GPU overhead
  • OpenGL ES renderer support As a deliverable for this project is to provide support for OpenGL ES renderer support. This is the first step towards having the CrystalSpace 3D game engine up and running on Mobile Platforms.
  • Video recording support Implement plugin that will be capable to record video (with audio) from CrystalSpace 3D engine in real-time without significant slow-down of engine itself.
  • Water Simulation The project is an extension of Pavel’s and my work on water module of Crystal Space. It aims to eliminate all the issues in water plugin of the engine and implement new features in it like interactivity. Plus, lots of documentation.