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The Fedora Project

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The Fedora Project is a worldwide community of developers who build and release the Fedora Linux distribution, as well as other deliverables that are part of the larger Fedora ecosystem and infrastructure of participation. The Fedora Project is designed to showcase the best software the open source world has to offer, and to lead the advancement of the world of open source development. The Fedora Project refuses to yield on important issues such as software patents and proprietary software, allowing none of this into the distribution and the project as a whole. We ship a completely open source and redistributable software platform, and invest sizeable amounts of time into the development of open standards and open source. For example, the Fedora Project is one of the leaders in the development of the Nouveau drivers for nVidia graphics cards. Our developers invest much of their time directly in the upstream projects Fedora works with, and our community strives to maintain good standing with all of its upstreams. Above all else, the Fedora Project has four Foudations which drive the project and the distribution: Features, Friends, Freedom and First. These are outlined on our website in more detail.


  • Darkserver Improvement Darkserver is a set of tools and service written in Python to help userspace developers to debug their applications & libraries. People will be able query the service based on build-id(s) or rpm package names. The service will provide output in JSON format as it will be easier for other tools to parse the output.
  • Event management system for Fedora Fedora project organizes number of event around the world. Fedora ambassadors are using several different kind of project management tools for several different tasks in a event management process. Most of the time, those utilities do not satisfy the project management requirements 100%. The proposed project would be utilized to handle major project management tasks in Fedora event organizing process by ambassadors. This application would facilitate manage event related tasks from the scratch.
  • Fedora Blocker Bug Tracking App The Fedora Blocker Bug Tracking App is web application that was designed to track release blocking bugs and related updates in Fedora releases currently under development.
  • Fedora Gooey Karma I would like to work on GUI application for CLI tool Fedora Easy Karma. I am student of Brno Faculty of Technology and working in Red Hat (internship). It would be great to participate on this project.
  • Financial IS for Fedora project In the financial perspective, fedora project can be categorized in to “non-profit organizations”. So it'll be good to have an internal finance system for Fedora Project to handle the budget and transactions in a detailed and very transparent way. Normally Fedora project community plans the budget for an upcoming fiscal year containing four quarters. And after the budget planning is finished, Red Hat, the sponsor of the Fedora Project will allocate funding the particular budget. Basically this with done by OSAS team and FPL. But there aren't any transaction recording and accounting system at the moment within the fedora project. So my plan is to develop a system that practices the well known double entry system and generate customized reports about the transaction details which are done within the project. customized to integrate with the fedora project's budget and funding routine.
  • Geeklog CrowdTranslation A plug-in for the Geeklog CMS which would enable users to submit translations.
  • GlitterGallery As quoted from the Fedora Summer Ideas page, "Free software designers don't have a great set of tools to work with to collaborate with each other and with the community on their design work. With this project, we'd like to make progress towards fixing that". This project aims to build a web based tool, Glitter Gallery, that will allow designers to collaborate and maintain revisions with other designers and developers.
  • Improving MATE desktop environment I want to improve MATE desktop environment by implementing full GTK3 support for its core components and applications.
  • Package GitLab for Fedora GitLab is an open source git repository management application built with Ruby on Rails. It is used by many companies as their internal git management repository. The goal is to package GitLab and all its dependencies for Fedora.