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GNSS-SDR is an open source Global Navigation Satellite Systems software defined receiver written in C++.

Our mission is:

  • To provide access and free usage of the available GNSS civil signals,
  • To provide free access to high-accuracy positioning,
  • To raise awareness about new GNSS civil signals and systems, and their potential,
  • To become an educational and a research platform on GNSS software defined receivers, available for free.

Our motto: “High accuracy positioning for the masses, and for free”. The project is hosted and supported by CTTC.


  • DEVELOPMENT OF NEW BLOCKS FOR GALILEO E1 IN GNSS-SDR: FROM TELEMETRY TO PVT SOLUTIONS With the advent of new in-orbit satellites, the landscape of GNSS is rapidly changing. In this context, SDR philosophy find a great response. Currently, the open source GNSS-SDR can acquire, track, decode and produce PVT solutions considering GPS signals only. Differently, for the Galileo constellation, it just allows to track the first two in-orbit satellites. Hence, the aim of this project is to implement add-ons for Galileo satellite:s develop new blocks to decode Galileo navigation message, generate observables and compute PVT solutions using both Galileo E1 and GPS L1 C/A code.
  • GNSS-SDR goes SBAS This project will enable SBAS compatibility for GNSS-SDR to increase it's positioning accuracy and trustiness.
  • Improve the acquisition sensitivity of a GNSS receiver The acquisition stage of a GNSS receiver is in charge of detect the set of visible satellites and provide a first coarse estimation of some essential parameters for synchronization. This process requires a blind search that limits significantly the sensitivity of the whole receiver operation. The goal of this project is to implement high sensitivity acquisition algorithms for both GPS L1 and Galileo E1 signals.