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Inclusive Design Institute

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The overarching goal of the Inclusive Design Institute is to help ensure that emerging information technology and practices are designed inclusively from the very beginning. We define inclusive design as design that enables and supports the participation of individuals and groups representing the full range of human diversity. We see disability as a mismatch between the needs of the individual and the service, education, tools or environment provided and accessibility as the adaptability of the system to the needs of each individual. Our research, development, education and services are all grounded in this principle.

Find the public IRC channels at:

irc:// #atutor


irc:// #fluid_work


  • Accessible WebRTC Collaboration with Infusion The project aims at creating an Accessible Cross Platform HTML5 Collaboration Web Application using Fluid Infusion framework to provide a flexible, personalizable user interface. Along with video conversation, the application shall have feature to chat, share websites and take notes collaboratively.
  • AContent LTI OAuth Integration The project extends LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) implementation so that the content available in AContent can be integrated into any other┬áLTI consumer application. The last year LTI system has been successfully integrated into AContent and ATutor. This year target is to create a LTI link through OAuth to pass information about the user (student or instructor) and let the course content be available outside AContent. This will allow AContent to authenticate against a LTI consumer and hence make the content available in Acontent based upon the user(student or instructor) to any other LTI consumer application. Hence the content within Acontent will be more accessible and easily available securely.
  • Admin Tools to create custom templates in AContent AContent provides three types of templates (theme, layout and structure) that can be used to create contents and these templates are mostly html, css and xml scripts. Currently the only way to create or edit a template is to manually write the scripts using a text editor which is not convenient. The purpose of this project is to provide the administrator with a GUI tool to create new templates and integrate it to the admin panel of AContent. Using this tool admin should be able to create, modify and delete all three types of templates.
  • Drupal Plugins for Infusion Components Project To integrate Infusion's User Interface Options (UIO) into Drupal by writing a module for Drupal and also creating a custom theme.
  • GitHub Based Patcher The project intents to create a patcher module, as an alternative to existing one, with purpose of utilizing GitHub repositories and Git functionality which allow users to update their production systems with latest changes pulled directly from source code repository of ATutor.
  • Inclusive Web-Based Music Development Environment With the new Web Audio, Web MIDI, and Audio Data APIs, it is now viable to create sophisticated music software entirely using open web technologies. However, most current music-making software is complex, inaccessible to assistive technologies, and requires the use of a mouse. This project will involve the creation of a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) for making electronic music using the Flocking framework and Fluid Infusion.
  • Media Player Update for ATutor This project deals with the updation of the default player "Flowplayer" in ATutor by making it more accessible. The aim of this project is to update media support in ATutor with improved accessibility. Some features include adding closed captions, keyboard accessibility and potentially adopting Fluid HTML5 media player as the default player.
  • tagin! API on Google App Engine This document describes the project which is going to be implemented during the forthcoming Google Summer of Code 2013. The project's goal is to develop a cloud-based RESTful API for the tagin! location service, which would facilitate the development of location-based services and context-aware applications. The API would also help migrating the existing tagin! Android library to the cloud.
  • TypeOver for communication An iOS application that aids communication with the Tecla Shield.
  • UI Redesign (Usability Research and Development) The aim of this project is to change the user interface of ATutor, making it more user friendly in the process. This would be done in two phases- AJAXification of many features, and then making a new design for ATutor, keeping in mind the accessibility of the project at every point. At the end, ATutor would be a better application to use.