GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 LibreOffice

Extend support for Document Management Systems

by Cuong Cao Ngo for LibreOffice

Since version 4.0 LibreOffice can now connect to CMIS (Content Management Systems) service to fetch online document storage. However we can add a lot more support to this feature. This project aims to connect LibreOffice to Google Drive protocol through libCMIS. Google recently transformed its Document API to Google Drive which now act as a cloud storage and document synchronization service. By adding wrapper of this protocol from CMIS API, users will be able to handle directly his Google Drive documents in LibreOffice. This ability includes choosing exported rendition types from Google Document types which are not downloadable. The second part of project aims to extend properties dialog and version dialog in order to enable users to interact with his documents entirely using the office suite.