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Google Summer of Code 2013 LibreOffice

Writer: Border around characters

by Zolnai Tamás for LibreOffice

LibreOffice has a lot of amazing new features (e.g. LibreLogo, Remote Impress, Comments in Writer) which make LO to be ahead of its time, but there are several other territories in which this progress is less noticeable. The character border is one of these. On Bugzilla of Apache OpenOffice there is a near 10 years old bug report about this issue. Well, on LibreOffice's Bugzilla the same bug just 2 years old, but LO have an other time quantity. However this feature concern only a smaller group of LO users and there are some hack methods with which almost the same effect can be produced (e.g. frame), but the devil lies in the details. In my opinion it is an important thing to make a consistent program in which user can use borders in the same way for characters as for other objects.