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Google Summer of Code 2013

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MLton is an open-source, whole-program, optimizing compiler for Standard ML.


  • MLRTEMS: Embedded Standard ML Standard-ML is a well defined functional programming language with several mature implementations that emit C as their target language. This makes it well suited to porting to embedded systems.
  • SIMD Support for MLton The project goal to investigate and design a core set of SIMD primitives for the MLton compiler. The project would consist of three parts: first would be a document outlining a core set of SIMD primitives for MLton using the implementation of SIMD operations in other compilers (e.g gcc and clang) as a reference. Second would be to implement these primitives using x86-64(AMD 64) instructions, specifically sse instructions. Last would be to develop an sml library to make these primitives available to the programmer.