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Google Summer of Code 2013

Quagga @ OpenSourceRouting / ISC

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Interested in making networks work?  This is the Quagga project's Summer of Code platform, supported by (an Internet Systems Consortium project).

Our goal is to make open source dynamic routing viable.  Quagga supports the BGP, OSPF, IS-IS and RIP protocols, all of which are used in their respective places to make the internet inter-net right now.  But our TODO list is lengthy, both on improving what we have - think scalability - and extending to other needed protocols (like MPLS and BFD).

If  those abbreviations in the previous paragraph already meant something to you without clicking the Wikipedia link, then this is the right project for you.  Scroll through the TODO, or contact and tell us what area you're most interested in.

We will do our best to help you integrate into a contributor role right from the start.  In fact, you will need to send some mails to the mailing list well before starting to write code.  But of course, we will help you through that stage as well as the actual coding and submission of your results.


  • IS-IS testing replay tool Building an external framework for testing the IS-IS protocol using existing tools which already have IS-IS or other protocols implemented. Define a storage and replay tool which will help in developing other tests later and will store and show the faulty packets passed through the system.