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Google Summer of Code 2013 phpMyAdmin

Re-factoring: server view

by xmujay (Bin Zu) for phpMyAdmin

While reading some server view source code of PMA, I found that the source code has some problems: not easy read, not easy reusable, full of long function, full of long file. Because PMA is a big project which is developed by a lot of Programmers from all over the world, we should enhance the maintainability to let more developers join in. From other side, in a project’s life cycle, sometimes we need to re-factor the code if the code starts smelling bad and it’s hard to maintain and even harder to add new features. By enhancing the readability and maintainability of code, re-factoring makes it easier for us to deal with the code. This idea aims to re-factor the code on “Server view” and make the code easy to understand and easy to reuse. It won't involve changing the existing functionality of these scripts, nor would it introduce new functionality.