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Plone Foundation

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The Plone Foundation was formed in May 2004 to serve as a supporting organization for Plone. We provide support for the development and marketing of Plone, and are modeled after similar ventures such as the Apache Software Foundation. The Plone Foundation is the legal owner of the Plone codebase, trademarks, and domain names. Our goal is to ensure that Plone remains the premier open source content management system and that we broaden its acceptance and visibility.


  • Proposal for Plone HUD display Main idea is to create more pages/tabs/views each specializes with its own idea, for example one page about Plone security notices, another, ncdu style preview of folders and items then members statistics ... And more importantly, some system to easily add new tabs so the programmers can easily extend HUD display.
  • ReStructured text parser for robot framework Restructured text is standard documentation system for python. For documentation file will be written in this format, which will be parsed by sphinx and upon encounter of test suites it will call robot framework to run the test and include the screenshot of result in the documentation. The ReST directive has to be modified and parser has to be updated.