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Google Summer of Code 2013

PostgreSQL Project

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The PostgreSQL Project develops the most advanced relational database in the world. With a long-time feature set incorporating advanced SQL and many unique extensions of the database engine, our database project is seeking students and other contributors who want to extend it in new and novel ways.  In addition to the core database, we invite students to apply to work on tools and drivers.


  • Cube extension improvement In present state cube extension allows to create indices suitable for search queries with several diapasons (e. g. diapasons for price, dates, distance). The main issue of the cube extension is the big index size, therefore building index and reading a large number of records becomes very expensive disk-related operation. More careful leaf node organization in R-Tree can significantly reduce index size. Also with new kNN framework it is possible to create ordering operator for retrieval sorted data directly from the index and ordering operators for kNN with different spatial norms.
  • Efficient KNN search through high-dimensional indexing with iDistance I propose to implement the state-of-the-art multi-dimensional indexing algorithm iDistance directly in PostgreSQL to better facilitate fast and efficient exact KNN search in high-dimensional data. This is an ideal follow up to a project last year (by another student) on efficient range queries, and showcases the community-oriented response of PostgreSQL towards modern trends in research and application.
  • UPDATE ... RETURNING BEFORE/AFTER Provide additional functionallity of "RETURNING" statement