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Raxa is an organization dedicated to creating a free open-source healthcare information system and an electronic medical recordfor mostly poor, sometimes illiterate, patients and their overworked providers who are always in need of reliable health information accessible on mobile platforms. We are focused on India and developing countries, but our system is applicable across the globe. On a day-to-day basis, some of the major improvements promised by our system include providing (1) effective access to and ownership of health information by patients, including by voice (2) patient health-seeking behavior decision support and provider clinical decision support and (3) communication between doctors, public health specialists and mobile community health workers. Our conviction is that electronic health systems are the way of the future, and that their adoption is even more vital, impactful, and scalable in developing countries.


  • Implementing a faster, node.js-based search The basic idea of this project - building a fast, responsive search layer for medical data. Currently, the search layer in OpenMRS performs many unecessary checks before accessing the data. Our task is to bring that data into a lightweight node.js search layer. Before each database lookup, we must perform a quick check using the OpenMRS API to see if the user is allowed to view that particular resource.
  • IVR and 2 way SMS for patients The project aims to create a IVR service as well as an SMS service to allow patients to solve their day-to-day queries and thus significantly reduce burden on the hospital authorities. The project use technology of Asterisk,FASTAgi and REST API.
  • Raxa - Patient Medical Timeline The project is built on prior efforts to re-design a new and efficient approach of interacting with large amounts of complex medical data through a Ā«TimelineĀ». It describes visually the when, for whom, and what has been done to describe patient's healthcare situation.
  • Report Module Abstract : Raxa laboratory module needs to generate a variety of reports: test results, daily log, exception reports, monthly statistics, quality control charts,various lab test reports.which is currently unavailable.This project was also proposed last year in GSOC but was not selected. The aim of this project is to add a module which will able to generate various reports.This can be achieved by creating a web interface using html-javascript/Jsp integrated through(with) java and java BIRT, BIRT:which is responsible for report generation.