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RoboComp is an open-source robotics framework. Its goals are efficiency, ease of use, reusability and hardware abstraction. It uses software component technology to achieve its goals.

RoboComp boosts distributed software development and collaboration by providing an easy method of integrating components made by different RoboComp users. Components made with RoboComp can be distributed over several cores or computers.

However, RoboComp is not just a set of software components, it also provides a set of tools that makes component creation and management a pleasant experience. We strongly recommend to take a look to the documentation available in the RoboComp’s wiki.


  • Build a Model Driven Development (MDD-)based component management tool to connect, deploy and monitor graphs of RoboComp components I propose to implement a visual management tool, with component drag and drop capabilities. Implementation will be done in C++ and Qt. Users would be able to add their own components and form personal "libraries" (in which they can load behaviours or even modify component code). The GUI will be able to generate the DSL code and even deploy the components; it will also provide input to the components and plot observable output parameters in order to improve the testing experience.
  • Multi-physics support Dear RoboComp team, My name is Jose, I'm a computer science major and PhD student in machine vision. I have a strong interest in virtual simulation and visualization projects, and I have worked with the Bullet physics engine in the past, so I find your proposal to add physics support to your simulator very interesting, but any other project would be interesting too.