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Sigmah is open source software for the shared management of international aid projects.
Available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) version 1.1 is currently in adoption by 8 NGOs ( like French Red Cross, M├ędecins du Monde or Handicap International.


  • Advanced project model and privileges management This project refines the project privilege approach to support a more fine-grained management of project editing/viewing.
  • Creation of Private Support System for Every open source community thrives on its members,developers,users who contribute, communicate and resolve issues related to the project. Its because of this independence that a open source projects community grows. Such features helps in improvement of project as well as the community. To implement such features there is a need of Private support system for Sigmah website. Sigmah provides for projects related to humanitarian sector.These organization require a platform where in they can post issues,bugs and discuss them. My Gsoc proposal aims at creating such a platform for Sigmah website. This project would help to foster this culture inside NGOs adopting Sigmah, and as a consequence will make Sigmah grow faster.
  • GWT Sigmah application [ A user-friendly reply to the need of flexible humanitarian projects ] Humanitarian projects are in some way like IT projects: they must be flexible. The needs of the populations for which they are conducted evolve in the time, some emergency or security situation may transform totally the feasibility of some of the planned activities. As a consequence, a project management system like Sigmah must let the possibility to let its users change their projects along they way, and keep tracks of those different versions. In the contractual world that link often humanitarian organisations with their public donors, those versions are usually linked with an Amendment.