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SimpleCV is a python library that makes developing computer vision applications fast and easy. We pull in bits and pieces for computer vision from the python ecosystem and try to put a developer friendly interface on them. This PyCon talk gives a good summary of what you can use SimpleCV to do.  Here is an interview we did about GSoC and SimpleCV in 2012.


  • Core Developments in SimpleCV This year my project will be concentrated on improving SimpleCV's core functionalities and adding support for shape matching and detection which is the main purpose of Machine Vision in industrial automation.
  • Making SimpleCV faster SimpleCV is great, but could certainly use some more speed in many applications. The idea of this project is to make SimpleCV faster through pythonic code, laziness and parallelism.
  • Revisiting the Rendering System During the course of GSoC 2013, I will be working on developing a robust and efficient rendering system for SimpleCV. This system will make SimpleCV independent of PyGame. I will also be adding support for rendering images on Javascript based web platforms. Along with this, I will be working towards the betterment of SimpleCV by fixing issues and adding new features.
  • Revisiting the Rendering System Implement the rendering system using a cross-platfrom GUI library and use processing.js to support rendering in browsers.
  • SimpleCV javascript companion product development My idea is to develop the existing simpleCV javascript skeleton library into a fully functional computer vision library which is user-friendly and excels in performance. Basically i will be adding coffeescript analogs of the classes and methods in simpleCV to the existing library. I also intend to improve the user interface and optimize the speed of execution and ensure code quality at every point.