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Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

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The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) functions as an applied think tank for the digital humanities, both in furthering faculty research and in cultivating its own innovative research agendas currently clustering around digital tools, text mining and visualization, and the creation and preservation of electronic literature.


  • Data presentations and interactive demos MITHgrid MITHgrid library is a data-centric, event-driven, responsibility-based library.In this project, we have tried to make use of MITHgrid library created by James Smith to build cool data driven applications. Our objective for building these applications were of three-fold. 1) Since its an incipient library, we intended to add more components (presentations and controllers) to MITHgrid. 2) To demonstrate the perks of using MITHgrid in terms of modularity and scalability. 3) Get the word out about MITHgrid. MITHgrid is evolving .To get the initial interest in the developer community, we need to demonstrate the power of MITHgrid.
  • MEI to VexFlow VexFlow is an open source JavaScript library to render Common Western Music Notation (CMN) in an HTML5 canvas. MEI to VexFlow is a JavaScript program that interfaces with VexFlow to render music notation expressed in the MEI format. The Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) is a community-driven effort to create a commonly-accepted, digital, symbolic representation of music notation documents. My goal is to boost the MEI to VexFlow library's capabilities in order to support MEI variant handling. Variant handling in music editing is a substantial problem for the digital editing, musicological and performing musician community.