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Amahi is an open-source home server distribution based on Linux. It's flexible and customizable, with a ton of apps and plug-ins. It starts as a simple file server (a NAS), however, it can also pool a bunch of hard drives into a redundant storage pool. It has apps for backups, VPN, streaming and much more, with PHP, Python, node.js and server-based apps being popular web-apps packaged for Amahi. The core of the platform is based on Ruby on Rails, however our code base includes project written in Go, ruby, PHP, Python and some bits in perl.


  • Add New Disk Wizard for Amahi Home Server This is a new plugin designed for the existing Amahi HDA.This Disk wizard provides a hassle free process for mounting, partitioning, formatting of newly attached storage devices to the HDA. Users are few clicks away from getting their devices ready to work with the system.It reduces the previous complexcity of the task.
  • Amahi 8 Amahi 8 is what's next. The project Aims to introduce new features, migrate to upgraded technology, make amahi platform more secure and robust. Providing support for mobile apps API and creating an amahi plugin system, where PHP, Python, Node, and other modern webapps can be easily integrated.
  • Amahi Android Client Mobile phones, especially smartphones, came to our life very quickly. We use them every day and sometimes more often than our computers. At the moment there is no way to use Amahi comfortably on Android. This conclusion assumes that some work should be done to provide a new way of user interaction with Amahi. My work is to implement this idea in an Android application for Amahi.