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Google Summer of Code 2014


License: MIT license

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appleseed is a modern, physically-based open source final frame renderer. Started in 2009, it has grown into a robust rendering toolset and has been battle-tested on several projects such as TV documentaries, ads, promotional videos and animation shorts. appleseed is the successor to toxic, an early open source global illumination renderer first released in 2003.

Most of our team members are working in the visual effects industry. We have been writing renderers or rendering tools professionally for over a decade. Our goal is to develop an open source renderer robust and flexible enough to be used in our production work.

We are very enthusiastic about meeting talented and passionate students and welcoming them in our team. appleseed is a fast growing project with many opportunities for anyone interested about computer graphics, image synthesis, high performance computing, etc. This is also a unique opportunity to meet people from the VFX trenches and discover how things are done behind the scenes.


  • Add a material editor in This editor allows a easier workflow for materials creation.
  • Adding Support for Curve Rendering in Appleseed Hair/Fur rendering is a very important requirement for any production renderer. Hair is usually modelled mathematically as a curve. Analytical intersection of rays with curves is quite involved. Further, production rendering requires efficient representation, storage, intersection and shading. This project would involve researching into all these aspects and would culminate in adding support for curve rendering in appleseed.